Your Wedding & Other Events


Your Wedding

  1. Our pastors (or your pastor with approval) will assist you with the premarital counseling and with planning the Service of Christian Marriage.

  2. The wedding coordinator will work with you in setting up the schedule for the wedding, the rehearsal before the wedding and with preparing the sanctuary for the ceremony.

  3. Our organist/pianist will help you with the music.  If you want an outside keyboardist this will need to be approved by the pastor.  We ask that music selections be appropriate for the setting.

  4. We have a sound system team who are in charge of all the sound issues.  The wedding coordinator will communicate with them.

  5. You will provide your own photographer.  We ask that pictures during the ceremony be done without flash and discretely.

Other Events

Our facility provides a great location for other events:

  1. Large family gatherings

  2. Meetings

  3. Training events

  4. Dinners

  5. Funerals (Our pastors stand ready to help)

  6. Recitals